NICKEFFECT aims to develop novel ferromagnetic Ni-based coating materials to replace the scarce and costly Platinum and ensure high efficiency in key applications.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Complex Geometry in Electrodeposition: A Synergy of Modeling and Experimentation

Unlocking the Secrets of Complex Geometry in Electrodeposition: A Synergy of Modeling and Experimentation

Achieving optimal efficiency in electrodeposition coating is utmost important for high-quality and high-performance outcomes across a broad spectrum of applications, including but not limited to fuel-cell, catalysis, magnetic storage devices, corrosion protection and many others. The foundation of this efficiency/performance lies in the careful selection of the right electrolyte bath and coating parameters. While the wisdom gained from experienced researchers and extensive literature reviews is undoubtedly valuable, the complexity of real-world application often necessitates a deeper exploration into the multifaceted factors that exert influence on the coating process.


Modelling, by unraveling the complex coating mechanisms across a diverse spectrum of factors, including electrolytes, concentration, working environments, equips us with the ability to assess coating efficiency and predict the highest attainable level of performance. Notably, this is accomplished without incurring extra cost and with a relatively short timeframe. The ultimate validation of modeling results comes through a comparative analysis with experimental laboratory outcomes, solidifying the precision and reliability of modeling predictions. Such an approach offers efficient and cost-effective means to navigate the complexities of this undertaking, making it valuable tool for optimizing the coating process.


The NICKEFFECT project is at the forefront of innovation, pioneering the development of cutting-edge Ni-based materials. What sets this project apart is the dynamic interplay between advanced multiscale modelling and practical experimentation. Together, they form a powerful synergy that allows us to unlock the secrets of electrochemical and chemical reactions during the coating process. This, in turn, elevates the performance and precision of Ni-based materials, distinguished by their unique regular and pseudo-ordered porosity.