NICKEFFECT aims to develop novel ferromagnetic Ni-based coating materials to replace the scarce and costly Platinum and ensure high efficiency in key applications.

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4SEE Cluster


Introducing the 4SEE Cluster

In a period where sustainability is crucial, innovative solutions are necessary for establishing a safer and more sustainable future. And the 4SEE Cluster was born with this premise – a dynamic collaboration between 4 different projects, funded under the HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-12 topic, that aim to revolutionise metallic coatings and engineered surfaces for the European economy. NICKEFFECT, FreeMe, MOZART, and NOUVEAU are the members of this cluster that is set to redefine industry standards, and drive innovation.


The 4SEE Cluster is a collaborative initiative focusing on safe and sustainable-by-design metallic coatings and engineered surfaces. By combining resources, expertise, and knowledge, the cluster aims to address shared challenges, enhance collaboration, and accelerate progress towards safer and more sustainable solutions.


Central to the cluster’s strategy are joint communication and dissemination activities. These efforts include organising workshops, webinars, and other events to share insights, foster dialogue, and promote the adoption of sustainable practices. By bringing together resources and expertise, the cluster amplifies its reach and accelerates the dissemination of valuable knowledge.


In addition to collaborative dissemination activities, the 4SEE Cluster promises to tackle methodological challenges and technical aspects collectively. By sharing best practices, exchanging insights, and collaborating on research endeavours, the cluster members aim to unlock new opportunities for innovation.

The Cluster Projects


Novel electrode coatings and interconnect for sustainable and reusable SOCs


The EU-funded NOUVEAU project aims to address the pressing need for efficient storage solutions for renewable energy sources in the global fight against climate change. While renewable energy holds promise, its intermittent nature highlights the necessity for reliable storage options. However, existing solid oxide energy cells, which could provide a solution, are both expensive and environmentally harmful. In response to this challenge, the NOUVEAU project will introduce innovative solid oxide cells (SOCs) featuring lanthanum- and PMG-free electrode materials, electrical interconnects, and solid electrolytes. These components are specifically designed to be recyclable, sustainable, and cost-effective to produce, offering a significant advancement in renewable energy storage technology.

GA ID: 101058784



Toxic Free metallization process for plastic surfaces


The FreeMe project aims to eliminate the use of hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) and palladium (Pd) from the Plating on Plastics (PoP) process, based on REACH compliant chemicals, avoiding toxic compounds and ensuring long-term sustainability. For this purpose, FreeMe proposes two safe and sustainable by design approaches for the metallization of polymeric surfaces:

Utilization of sprayable resins with the addition of suitable nickel-based precursors, that will be deposited on the plastic surface leading to the creation of the necessary nuclei for the next step of electroless deposition and the formation of the conductive layer. A Cr6+ & Pd free pre-treatment of the surface followed by incorporation of nickel active sites via reduction of nickel salts in the plastic surface. The electroless plating of the surface will follow leading to the formation of the conductive layer.
The proposed technologies will be applied in three different applications in the automotive, aerospace and home appliances industries.

GA ID: 101058699



Metal matrix nano-composite coatings utilization as alternative to hard chromium


The EU-funded MOZART project has the ambitious purpose of assisting in the fulfilment of the REACH requirement to eliminate Hard Chromium (HC), a toxic and carcinogenic substance, offering an environmentally less harmful and less toxic alternative to the painting and coating industry. Its main goal is to develop high-quality durable metal coatings to replace Hard Chromium (HC) based on Nickel (Ni) matrix nano-composite electroplating processes following Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) principles. MOZART aspires to develop the first in the world real applicable nano-composite coatings that will revolutionize the surface finishing industry in specific applications such as the automotive, manufacturing and machining industries.

GA ID: 101058450


Joint Activities

The main common Dissemination and Communication activities agreed and carried
out by all sister projects that make the 4SEE Cluster are:

Increase social media interactions between projects, including like, comment, share/repost/retweet of publications;

In case a project organises a public event, representatives from the other projects will be invited to present or participate in the event;

In case a project organises an important event, the other sister projects shall announce the event and promote it on social media and their websites, after appropriate request from the dissemination manager;

Organise collaboration activities, such as joint workshops/webinars, on topics of interest, such as the Safe and Sustainable by Design approach.

Joint organisation of common sessions in conferences to present projects ́ results;

The joint collaborative activities will be promoted by all Projects on social media and websites.

Cluster News

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